Mediation - Alternative for Conflict Resolution

Having conflicts is quite normal and completely human. As a lawyer, I'm basically familiar with conflict situations. It is also important to be able to listen to both parties and to mediate with empathy in order to achieve a sustainable solution for all. With an appreciative attitude, I support the parties in dealing constructively with different conflicts.


"A mediator is an independent and neutral person without decision-making authority,

which leads the parties through the mediation. "


Christian Marquardt

  • born in 1976, married, 3 children
  • after graduation and my training as a wholesale and foreign trade merchant, I studied law at the University of Konstanz.
  • for almost 10 years I worked as a corporate lawyer in a large corporation in the field of energy with a focus on renewable energy.
  • I completed my training as a certified mediator in 2016 at the Hertel Academy in Hamburg.
  •  Currently working as a contract and project manager in the renewable energy Business
  •  mediator
  •  social commitment for "Lebenshilfe Buxtehude e.V."