5 phases of mediation


Phase 1 - Opening: why are we here?

During phase 1, the joint aim of the parties of the mediation is being determined.

The underlying question therefore is: why are we here today and what would we jointly like to clarify?


Phase 2 - Points of view: listen to the themes

Phase 2 will enable each party to explain its points of view.

Certain rules will need to be complied with, such as e.g. each party shall have the right to finish without interruption.


Phase 3 - Backgrounds: what's the problem?

In phase 3, the "problem behind the problem" will ideally become visible. As soon as all backgrounds will have been highlighted in sufficient detail, the solution will be right at hand in most instances.



Phase 4 - Solutions: I got it!

Phase 4 deals with the solution which will have been developed by the parties themselves. The mediator will assist by suitable measures of support.



Phase 5 - Agreement: this is what we achieved today!

During phase 5, an agreement will be made, reflecting the results achieved. It will be up to the parties' sole discretion whether this will be done verbally, in writing or by any other means.